Set in a small town in the Middle East, Digitales Media’s “Amal”, brings you an endearing and uplifting story, about a 9 year old boy named Saleem. After losing his father and experiencing displacement with his mother and two siblings, Saleem struggles with starting life over in a new town. One day, hope arrives when he finds a treasure map that takes him and his new friends, Fares, Zeina and Abboud, on an adventure, to reach a treasure he never knew he needed!

The Amal animation is a touching story of triumph after tragedy, with positive messages about friendship, community, and mental health wellness. While Saleem’s story is set in the Middle East, it has universal themes that make it relevant and meaningful to children anywhere.


Digitales put together a team of more than 65 artists, creatives, animators, musicians, writers, child psychologists and therapists, from across the world, to bring this unique animation to life. We are proud to bring to the world an animation from the heart of the Middle East with a message of hope and resilience.

Amal Project
Amal Project